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Netgear router Setup is very easy and effortless. Anyone can setup the Netgear router within a couple of minutes without any trouble. Let’s see these following mentioned steps to Setup the

  1. First, you have to take an Ethernet cable and connect your home modem to the Netgear router’s Internet port.
  2. Then, also connect your computer or another device to the router’s Ethernet port.
  3. Now, turn on the power button of the router.
  4. Once you complete the above steps, open any internet browser of your choice.
  5. Type in the URL bar and tap the Enter key.
  6. Here, you have to mention your router login credentials details.
  7. In the Username and password field, mention “admin” and “password”.
  8. Move to the advanced settings, then on setup Wizard settings.
  9. Select the Yes button and then press the Next option.
  10. By selecting the Next button, the router automatically finds your internet connection type.
  11. That’s enough, now your setup process is complete.
Setup and Install Netgear Router

Netgear Router Login |

As we know, without login to the router, no one can enjoy the high-speed internet connection of the router. Login is an essential part of the router. Once you correctly login to your router, you can use the high-speed wi-fi network and also access the setting of the router. Go along with these simple steps to quickly login to the

  1. Foremost, launch any preferred internet browser on your device, which should connect to your Netgear router.
  2. Navigate to the browser and enter or
  3. In case if the above-given web address fails, then go with the IP address
  4. Afterward, provide your router login details.
  5. Note: admin as username, and password as the default password.
  6. At last, hit the Login button.

Why is my not working?

Are you getting not working error? When you fail to login to your router, it is frustrating. Here, we discuss this issue in this section and also provide the quickest steps to solve this problem.

Routerlogin not working
  1. Remove all the cache, cookies, and history of your web browser and try to login to the Netgear router again.
  2. Attempt to log in with IP address
  3. Ensure that your device gets the proper power supply.
  4. Again try to login with another web browser.
  5. Also, power cycle your router as well as the router.
  6. Make sure you entered the correct login credentials details. How to change the Netgear router Wi-Fi password?

Everyone concerns about the security of their’s home wi-fi network. If you want to improve the security of your router network, then you only need to change the default password of your router. In this article, you will learn the complete process of how to change the Netgear Wi-Fi router’s password.

How to change the Netgear router Wi-Fi password
  • The first step is to open any internet browser of your choice and type
  • Press the Enter key.
  • After, you will see a login screen open on your device.
  • Then enter your default username and password of your router.
  • Hereafter, a basic home page will open on your computer screen.
  • Get to the Advanced settings and then Administration setting.
  • Once done, then move to the Set password
  • Before you set your new password, you have to enter the old password of your router.
  • You can also select the Enable password option from the setting to recover your password in the future.
  • Finally, click on the Apply button.

Reset Netgear Router Admin Password through

Here in this article, you will learn how to reset your router’s admin password. Reset is required when you forget your password or when you want to change your password. So follow these given steps to reset your router’s password.

  • In the URL bar of your browser enter, and tap on the Enter key.
  • And after this, a login screen will display.
  • Hit the Cancel button.
    Note: You have to enter the serial number of the router if the password recovery option is enabled. Find the serial number is on the product label of the router.
  • Fill in the serial number of the router and tap the continue option.
  • It prompts you to enter the saved answer to the security questions.
  • Again, click on the Continue option.
  • Next, a reset screen will open.
  • Set your desired password.
  • Again set a security question for a new password.
  • Hit the Next button.
  • Thus, you successfully reset your router admin password.
  • In the last step, Tap on the Login button to log back into your Netgear router with the reset password.
Reset Netgear Router Admin Password

How do I reset my Router to Factory default settings?

Still, if you fail to recover or change the router’s password? In this case, you need to reset factory default settings. Go with these given steps to factory reset.

reset my Router to Factory default settings
  1. Turn on the power light of the Netgear router.
  2. Find the reset button, which should be rear of your Netgear router.
  3. With the use of paperclip or a sharp object, press and hold the reset button.
  4. After 15 to 20 seconds, release the reset button.
  5. Wait for the power back on after completely reset. Netgear Router Firmware Update

Netgear always regularly introduces new firmware updates to enhance and improve the performance of the router. Moreover, new updates also enhance the security of your router. The Netgear user can update their router by using the web interface or manually. Here’s how.

Firmware update through web interface

  • First of all, make a connection between your Netgear router and computer using an Ethernet cable.
  • Open any preferred browser on your computer.
  • Access the router by using the web address
  • Meanwhile, you will see a login window on your device screen.
  • Mention the login credentials in the required fields.
  • Further, click on the advanced tab and select the Administration option.
  • Go to the Firmware Update section and hit on it.
  • Press the yes option if you see any firmware update is available.

Left the process until the firmware update will complete. Once the firmware updates complete the router will automatically restart and ready to use.

Firmware update through manually method

If you want to go with the manual method to update your Netgear router, then follow these instructions.

  • At the start, download the newest version of the firmware from the Netgear center.
  • Try to access the Netgear router login page using the web address
  • From the login page, select and hit the firmware update option.
  • Locate the downloaded firmware file and then upload the file.

Furthermore, don’t try to turn off/on the router until the firmware update complete.

Netgear Router update through App

Netgear users can update the firmware of the router using the Genie or Nighthawk app. In case you want to update your router’s firmware using the app, then go along with these specific steps.

Firmware update via Genie app

Firmware update via Genie app

  1. Take your smartphone, and move to the play store.
  2. Search and download the genie app from the play store.
  3. Install the downloaded app on your smartphone device.
  4. Get to the router settings on the Genie app.
  5. Thereafter, the router login screen will appear on your smartphone screen.
  6. Mention the username and password on the login page.
  7. Later, click on the Next option and go to the router firmware update.
  8. Lastly, hit on the OK button to complete the firmware update.

Now your Netgear Firmware update successfully.

Firmware update via Nighthawk app

  • The earliest step is to download the Nighthawk app on your smartphone device.
  • Type in the search bar and download it.
  • The login screen will prompt you for login credentials, then enter username and password.
  • Furthermore, tap the sign in button after enter the login credentials.
  • The Dashboard screen will displays on your smartphone screen.
  • On the top menu, you will see a message if any update is available.
  • Press the update button, if needed.
  • That’s all firmware update process complete using the Nighthawk app.

Troubleshooting issues of the Netgear router

  1. Power cycle your computer or other devices, whichever you use.
  2. Reboot the Netgear router and modem, if you do not get the internet connection.
  3. Use the wired connection rather than a wireless connection, for wired connection, connect the router to the computer using the Ethernet cable.
  4. Make sure you are using the correct login credentials details.
  5. Delete cache, cookies, and history of your internet browser.
  6. Go through another web browser.
  7. Check the IP address and again try to go with the IP address of your router.
  8. Verify that the router’s firmware is updated.

Netgear Router Common Issues

  • How to update the firmware of the Netgear router.
  • Forget username and password of the issue.
  • Unable to change the password of the router.
  • Error 404 occurs.
  • Password reset or recovery issues.
  • Netgear router default login credentials not working.
  • Unable to login to the Netgear router.
  • Can’t reset my Netgear router.
  • Slow Wi-Fi connection issues.
  • Installation issues of router.login.
  • Fail to connect with internet connectivity.
  • Router LED light does not glow during the Setup process issue.
  • How to login with the Netgear genie app.
  • net login page not open issue.
  • Failed to download the Nighthawk App issue.
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